Pneumatic drainer, oil collector (80 l)

  • Designed to vacuum, collect, and transport used oil from the vehicle's gearbox or engine.
  • 2 drain modes: by direct suction or by gravity.
  • By direct suction: fast action, through the motor. Ensure the oil tank is under negative pressure. No need to lift the vehicule and to remove the oil extractor.
  • By gravity (under deck elevator or pit): convenient, thanks to the large collecting funnel oil and adjustable in height.
  • Large 80 liter storage tank with integrated level gauge.
  • Collection funnel with a capacity of 16 liters, with anti-splash grid.
  • Plexiglass analysis tank transparent with graduation, designed to easily visualize the condition of the extracted oil and the volume (9 L).
  • Flexible PVC suction hose.
  • 5 flexible probes with different lengths and diameters, to adapt to many types of vehicles.
  • Large ⌀ 150 mm wheels and handle allowing it to be easily moved around the workshop.
  • Control nanometer integrated into the tank.
  • Vacuum gauge for monitoring the depression of the analysis tank.
  • Works with a compressed air source.
  • Can be used with mechanical engine oils, lubricants as well as for temporary storage.
  • Not suitable for vacuuming brake fluid, gasoline, diesel, or any other liquid containing methanol, ketones, or being flammable.
RRP : €550.00

(excl. VAT)